Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tough Times

My goodness, it has been a week since I blogged. I am really slacking in this department. Something I want to discuss today; snowmobiling. I have watched in the past month as two friends have bought NEW machines right out of the Northern store here in Rankin and drive away with lose fitting nuts & bolts, skis dropping off, blown head gaskets and overall just lose parts. Unbelievable that for the amount of money spent on both machines in total in excess of over $20,000 that both would have so many issues. Safety issues. Both riders carry their wive and child with them.

I watched yesterday as literally the right front ski from a brand new Ski Doo Skandic dropped it's ski. Just, fell off. Not broken, just dropped off. The result of this has forced our friends who own the Scandic to return it to the store to get a refund. The refund was easy, but tough on the couple who just bought the new machine and sold me their old one. I feel horrible I am riding around enjoying theirs as they now are walking. The Northern couldn't trade in the machine for another because they simply didn't have that model available. Had his wife been driving with the baby and the ski fell off, could have made for much more horrible of a story than the one I have already told.

Today, without our friends we went to watch the Sunday races on the ocean. It was a blast and unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy as I usually would. I will next Sunday though. The machines they race are great sounding and quick. Rider experience is everything though from what I witnessed.

One final note, the way to make a friend is found by engaging in proper conversation because really you never know how nice of a person you could be talking to really is. I learned this lesson today.

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