Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loosing Face

Ok so now Rankin Inlet got a 'dab' of snow on us. It looks nice, but where is the BIG snow falls I've only heard about? The howling winds with blowing snow and the huge squalls that roll into Rankin? Where is all of this? Yesterday was above seasonal temperatures for what it should have been. For what little snow we did have, it was already beginning to melt. I wore a sweater to work yesterday and back. After already donning my winter Canada Goose parka the other day. The only little sign that winter is ever still creeping in slowly, the is the daily 5 minutes of light we are fast loosing right out from under our noses. Stay aware Rankin, something big is coming, and I hope it has snow written all over it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Impossible Blankets

Ok, I had enough of this damned commercial. I'm talking about, The Snuggie. What the hell kind of moronic individual thought this up one evening in his home while 'trapped' in his blanket with no way to free his/her arms to reach for that hot cup of coca. Is it really that impossible to use the t.v remote because you are trapped? What if I am in my blanket right now, and your commercial comes on telling me to reach for the telephone to call to order but I can't because guess what? I'm trapped under my blanket! I find it hard to release myself and I begin to panic....I find my breathing becoming more and more shallow.....the doorbell is ringing but I can't get up because my feet are tangled in the blanket...the dog is barking at me as he senses I am in a world of distress.....I struggle, but the more I do, I become more entangled in this hell of a situation......wait.....I think I can make it out....I see the way towards the light.....! Yes....yes! I am of that blanket. OK, it's definitely time for me to order that Snuggie. No more will I ever have to be trapped again. Thanks Snuggie. What's next? Socks that won't choke me as I put them on I suppose.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Burton Project

Although my blog is geared towards my time in the North, I am taking a bit of a turn with it. I need to lose weight. For health purposes more than anything really and for my own peace of mind. So in short I will be allowing you, the reader to experience my weight loss experience as I try to lose a set goal of 67 lbs by June 1st, 2010. Or, 180lbs. That's 7 months. I will be starting this on November 1st, 2009. I will still blog about my northern experience but will be including more photos of my weight loss with my blogs. I will do measurements, weight recordings and photo recordings to track my progress. My goal is to keep myself motivated as well, I may be able to motivate others who are wanting to lose some weight.

I have been skinny most of my life, 170lbs. Up until about age 23 when I started noticing I was gaining weight due to lack of exercise, metabolism and fast foods. Oh, buying a car didn't help me either as I was notorious for walking everywhere I needed to go. Now at age 35 I weigh 248lbs. I stand a mere 5 foot, 8 inch's. I have a speculated BMI (body mass index) of roughly 37.55. Although I like using this BMI as a guide, nothing is perfect. Nor is my BMI score. My fiancee and I are ordering a elliptical trainer in the next coming week.

This northern experience is my time in the north, and my weight loss is, The Burton Project.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Money, Money, Money

So today was my first day working at the bank. What can I saw about this new experience? It was interesting. To see the daily operations of how the bank operates is something new to me, no longer will I think a teller has it easy peesy. It is countless hours spent counting bills to make sure you got the right amount at all times. I saw another side of what happens when all the systems/computers go down including the ABM. Manual paper work gets done lol. Then when the systems come up, re enter everything on the system. I like the fact that you are helping people handle their money. As at times I found it boring today, I am still new, and still looking for those exciting aspects of the job. I want to be like a sponge to this job and my fellow employees around me and soak up the knowledge they have acquired.

I love the perks and benefits that accompany the position I hold right now. I have two weeks of training that will strike me as boring, and then another two weeks that will be dealing with the public. After the 4 weeks, I should be on my own. I am anticipating mistakes to be made on my part. I do see it as this, if I don't make those mistakes, I may never learn how to correctly do something. The trick, is to learn from those I make.

I would get on a new topic concerning the Toronto Maple Leafs....but I don't have the time to criticize every player on the roster.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today was Thanksgiving and I sure was thankful. Thankful for having the opportunity to be able to come to such an amazing community such as Rankin Inlet. Thankful I have enough sense to see myself through to obtain the right career while here that will be new, exciting, interesting and worth it. I am thankful for meeting new friends and sharing our stories about our lives amongst one another. I am thankful for the newly acquired family I have in the Dunphys such as Jocelyn, my future mother in law who is a dear and shares her great hospitality with me when I was there. Gord my future father in law who I can ask questions of things I am not sure about when I need an experienced answer. Lori & Allison the future sisters I have always wanted but never had, now I have two. I am grateful to have them in my life now. Mark who will be my brother in law. One of the smartest young lads I know.

Most of all, and above all.....Melissa. I can come to near tears when I think of her because I realize how lucky of a person I am to just even know her. Let alone to have the utmost wonderful opportunity to marry this spectacular woman puts me beside myself at times. I love her with everything that I am. She doesn't know, but when I look into her eyes, it's like tunnel vision with her. I see, nor hear, nor feel anything else at that moment but her. My life would be dull and void if she were not in it in some way, even in the smallest. Thank you Melissa.

On another note, tomorrow I start my new job and I am ready to take it on. I will keep you up to date what it's like to work in a bank.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Usesless Blog

So Halloween is fast approaching and I have a part of my costume here with me, as you can see from above. It's my Vampire contacts. To complete the costume, I have the modifiable teeth coming and a full ensemble for a male Vampire from the 18th century. As well Melissa will compliment me by going as my Vamprira. That's the female vampire terminology. Or so I have read as I am not into the whole Vampire genre and vowed to never go for Halloween as a Vampire. But alas, here I go. We have been invited to 3 separate parties on that night and it will be a challenge to do them all. But I look forward to it.

On a more exciting note I have finally landed the big career. For years I thought I would be constantly doing hard labour work with my hands and back. Now I get a chance to give those things a rest and exercise the brain as a CSR (customer service representative). A bank teller should be a new exciting role for me at this point in my life. As well, there are some phenomenal benefits to boot. I won't get into them here, but worth it enough to take a try at this position and give it 100% of my best. I hope for my sake, it works out.

The weather here in Rankin Inlet is certainly getting colder as well as the days getting shorter & darker. Good thing for us we have a seasonal disorder light put out in the living room which we need only 15 minutes use of in the mornings to fight the winter blahs this year. We have lot's of vitamin D to boot as well. We have at this point befriended some really nice people up here who we call our friends of the North. Kugluktuk had nice people, but no one I would ever converse with again. This Thanksgiving weekend we have a nice couple with their 4 year old coming over for a turkey feast and spend time with us over this weekend. I couldn't ask for better people, nor a better fiancee to spend it with. For this I am very thankful.

All in all my time in Rankin has been pleasant and fruitful. I foresee us staying here for many years to come. Now I need to get my best friend up here, Lexus my cat.