Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leaving The Rock

Today is our (Melissa & mine) last day on the Rock with family and as much as I want to get back to Rankin Inlet to begin working I also feel I am leaving a part of us behind. As you see below, the family keeps getting bigger. The Dunphy's have now conjoined with the McKay's and the Burton's. Together we have come to love one another just as if we were always family for many years.

I hate leaving Newfoundland but I know there is always a return date in the future which keeps me going throughout the year while anticipating our return. I have had an awesome summer this year and the year before wasn't too shabby either for my first time here. Next summer will be hard to beat. But with Allison, my youngest sister in law and her boyfriend Stefan Mackie, Lori my other sister in law and her husband (and brother in law/buddy as I like to think of him) Matt McKay, and my inlaw parents, Gord & Jocelyn Dunphy, we always seem to find ways to enjoy each others company and get on each others nerves all at the same time! That is what makes us a family.

With two weddings this summer back to back, it has been a hectic summer. I have immensely enjoyed my stay with the Dunphy's and the now, McKay's, have been absolutely awesome. Off to Winnipeg tomorrow then back to the great white north on Tuesday.

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