Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Impossible Blankets

Ok, I had enough of this damned commercial. I'm talking about, The Snuggie. What the hell kind of moronic individual thought this up one evening in his home while 'trapped' in his blanket with no way to free his/her arms to reach for that hot cup of coca. Is it really that impossible to use the t.v remote because you are trapped? What if I am in my blanket right now, and your commercial comes on telling me to reach for the telephone to call to order but I can't because guess what? I'm trapped under my blanket! I find it hard to release myself and I begin to panic....I find my breathing becoming more and more shallow.....the doorbell is ringing but I can't get up because my feet are tangled in the blanket...the dog is barking at me as he senses I am in a world of distress.....I struggle, but the more I do, I become more entangled in this hell of a situation......wait.....I think I can make it out....I see the way towards the light.....! Yes....yes! I am free....free of that blanket. OK, it's definitely time for me to order that Snuggie. No more will I ever have to be trapped again. Thanks Snuggie. What's next? Socks that won't choke me as I put them on I suppose.

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